Apply to Do Your Industrial Training (IT/SIWES) With BCT

BIGTOYO is all about Computer Hardware / Networking Engineering and,  dedicated to providing quality computer services and training to everyone from the beginning of computer users to dedicated IT professionals. At BIGTOYO COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY our certification proves you have the skills required to succeed in today’s increasingly tight job market and earns you instant respect for your computer skills from quality employers nationwide. We are a Computer Engineering and Computer Network Institute and we aim for the best to satisfy our customers.

  • Computer hardware diagnostic
  • Troubleshooting & computer repair
  • All kind software installation and troubleshooting software problems
  • Virus and spyware removal and protection
  • Registry cleanup for faster boot-up times
  • Defragmentation of your hard drive for quicker file access
  • Updating windows with the latest security patches
  • Removing excess temporary files from your system
  • Scanning your hard drive for physical disk errors

Our Training Programs

We are offering computer training and service

  1. Information Computer Technology
  2. Desktop Publishing
  3. Computer Networking
  4. Internet Training
  5. Computer Hardware and Software Servicing /Repair
  6. POS Printer Repair/Installation
  7. CCTV Installation/Repair
  8. Chip Level Repair/BIOS Programming
  9. IT Technician
  10. Graphic Design