Are you a computer science student looking for where to do your SIWES in Ogun State, particularly Ijebu Ode? We advise you come to Bigtoyo Computer Technology Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. If you are desirous of having true hands-on experience computer training, your best choice is here at BCT.

Here are the reasons why?

Hands-on Computer Training

hands-on computer trainingYou have done a lot of theories while in school now is the time to get your hands on the practicals of all the theories you have been taught which doing your SIWES at BCT will afford you because we are the largest computer and laptop repair shop in the Ijebu environ of Ogun State, Nigeria. Because we are the largest, you’ll be exposed to all the practical aspects of your studies, such as hardware troubleshooting and repair, life software development and deployment, real-life computer networking experience and more.

General Computer Repair Center

Unlike others, we specialised in both laptop and desktop repair. This will afford you a wider perspective of the troubleshooting and repair of computers generally.

Exposure to All Brands of Systems

Still deriving from our being the largest computer center around town, you’ll have the opportunity of experiencing almost all the various brands of computers available in the market, some you never knew existed.

Computer Equipment

We have all the computer tools and diagnostic equipment. You have seen them in your books. You will have the opportunity of using them life at BCT.