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      5 Tactics to Pay Off Purchase Now the Pay Later debt risk advertiser disclosure Our first priority is you. Each time. We believe that everyone should be able to make sound financial decisions without hesitation. Although our site doesn’t feature every company or financial product in the marketplace We’re pleased that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are impartial, independent easy to use and cost-free. So how do we earn money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about (and where they are featured on our website), but it does not affect our suggestions or recommendations that are based on thousands of hours of study. Our partners cannot promise us favorable ratings of their goods or services. . Five strategies to pay off Buy Now or Pay Later Debt If you make a purchase now, and when your bills due to pay later are due, consider these tactics to plan your strategy for getting to debt relief. By Melissa Lambarena Lead Writer | Credit cards, debt Melissa Lambarena is a lead writer on the credit cards group at NerdWallet. She has been a passionate writer covering topics related to credit cards for more than six years. Her previous experience spans nine years of experience as a content creator for several magazines and web sites. In her writing, she aims to assist readers to extract value from credit cards to meet financial goals like stretching their budget, building credit, traveling to dream destinations, and repaying debt. She focuses on these subjects as well as others in the Millennial Money column featured in The Associated Press. Her work has also appeared on The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, USA Today and Yahoo Finance, among others. Melissa holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Jan 13th, 2023 Edited By Kenley Young Assigning Editor | Credit scores, credit cards Kenley Young directs daily credit cards coverage for NerdWallet. Prior to that, he worked as a web editor and digital content producer at Fox Sports, and before being a front-page editor at Yahoo. He has a wealth of experience in digital and print media. This includes stints as an editor at the copy desk as well as a wire editor as well as a metro editor for McClatchy. McClatchy Newspaper chain. Email:
      . The majority of products featured here are from our partners, who pay us. This impacts the types of products we write about and the location and manner in which the product is featured on the page. However, this doesn’t influence our opinions. Our opinions are entirely our own. Here’s a list of and . It’s likely the ” ” bill from the season of Christmas is coming in the near future or already arrived. If you’re not financially prepared to pay up charges for late fees, or any other costs could leave you in more debt. The situation can alter in a matter of weeks through unexpected financial challenges like unemployment, an unexpected bill or family emergency, among other events. If you’re feeling the financial squeeze of those buy-now-pay-in-four or pay later plansand perhaps other debts, it’s essential to develop an action plan to reduce the balances. Here are a few options to consider as you plan your escape of debt. 1. Revise your budget and trim unnecessary expenses or exchange services for lower-cost alternatives. Cancel unused subscriptions, for instance, or choose a cheaper streaming service. If you’re also struggling with debt from credit cards which could take anywhere from three to 5 years for repayment, think about speaking with an accredited nonprofit credit counseling service regarding a, which could make one low-interest monthly payment. Note that accounts enrolled in the plan are generally required to be shut down, which could impact your finances in the short-term. 2. Change your payment due date Some lenders like Klarna and Afterpay permit you to change the date of payment and request an extension. Klarna customers using a pay-in-four loan are able to extend due dates for each payment for a period of 14 days according to the company’s website. Afterpay may provide more leeway and allows changes to the payment due date as often as six times per year in the app, according to Amanda Pires, a company spokesperson. Different policies from lenders and you should read the plan’s guidelines or speak to your lender for advice on your options. 3. Inform lenders of hardships If a financial setback or emergency prevents you from making your payments and you are unable to make payments, the buy now pay later lender might provide some relief. The major buy now, pay later companies that offer hardship policies usually advise you to speak with customer service as quickly as possible about hardships. “Affirm customers who face financial difficulties can reach us through our help center to ensure that we can assist them to identify an available repayment option that best meets their individual needs,” Casey Becker, an official spokesperson for the company, stated via email. The terms vary for each lender. 4. Consider a balance transfer credit card if you’ve got good credit (a FICO score of 690 or greater), a few issuers might offer to be used to pay off buy immediately, then pay later. That might buy you some time if you’re struggling to meet a schedule’s payment deadlines, however, there are some things to consider. Balance transfer credit cards are designed to help you avoid interest charges for a specified time period and therefore they may not be the best choice for purchase now, payment plans which don’t have interest charges initially. You can also transfer your balance up to as high as the credit limit of your card allows, and there’s typically an additional fee based on the amount you transfer, usually between 3and 5 percent. Compare possible buy now, pay later costs against these variables. The method and conditions vary among the card issuers that allow this, so ask what to expect. Wells Fargo, for instance, may allow you to use an account balance transfer to pay buy now, pay later debt. “The most commonly used method would be to move balances of another credit card issuer to their Wells Fargo account to save on interest costs,” Sarah DuBois, a Wells Fargo spokesperson, said via email. “If there is a creditor that is not legally categorized as a retail or bank card issuer, customers do have other options to avail their balance transfer offers (i.e. using a balance transfer cheque which is typically issued in conjunction with an offer).” If an issuer of credit cards offers an option to transfer balances that is in the form of an actual check, your capability to utilize it could depend on the lender’s capacity to accept that payment method. 5. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a individual loan The personal loan can combine multiple debts into a fixed monthly payment with a low interest rate for a specified time. If the funds are sent directly to the bank account of your choice, they are possible to make use of them to pay lenders, including buy-now or loans that pay in the future. A good credit score may be able to qualify you for lower interest rates. However, it’s not ideal to settle debt using credit, which is why it’s crucial to determine if the proposed interest rate offers savings compared with the potential fees on buy now, and pay-later plans. If the buy now, pay later plans don’t cost any fees or interest, then the option of paying it off using an individual loan may not be ideal. But it might be worth taking the loan to pay off other loans, especially if it can free up money to pay for buy now or plan to pay it off later. The article is created by NerdWallet and was originally released by The Associated Press. About the author: Melissa Lambarena is a credit card writer at NerdWallet. The work she writes for has been featured on The Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today. Similar to… Discover the right credit card for you. If you’re looking to pay less interest or earn rewards, the perfect card is available. Just answer a few inquiries and we’ll be able to narrow the selection for you. Explore even more in Credit Cards Discover more intelligent money moves delivered directly to your inbox. Sign-up and we’ll email you Nerdy content on the financial topics that are important to you and other strategies to get the most from your money. Make all the right financial decisions

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