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      “Precise time is crucial to navigation, geographical positioning for locating forces and targets, and secure communications,” according to the Encyclopedia of Military Science. “Military time, therefore, is more than a method for counting the hours. It’s also an authoritative source of time and a set of methods to disseminate synchronized time worldwide.” One of the main advantages of using military time is eliminating ambiguity. Military routines and operations demand precision, and the use of the 24-clock system prevents any confusion over a.m. The military references to the afternoon and evening hours often take new enlistees in basic training longer to learn by heart. Have you ever wondered how to read military time quickly and easily? Well, welcome to the Internet’s greatest authority resource on just that! The best way to learn military time is to practice! There are even more movies that contain some references for military time. Its use is more common for stories related to military, detectives or thrillers. For example, it is often used in the new comedy TV show “Space Force” streamed on Netflix. The first mechanical 24-hour format clock was found in Italy. It was a complex mechanism that needed ropes to hit the strokes. Unfortunately, it required a lot of rope, therefore, later the amount and frequency of strokes had to be diminished5. In 12-hour system, the hours are counted from 1 to 12 and this cycle repeats twice during the day. You’ll likely never have to reference Zulu time as a civilian, but it’s something cool to know when you’re reading Tom Clancy novels. Military, operations are conducted around the world in many different time zones. Often, single and joint operations are conducted across different time zones.

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