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      Education News Simulator Your Money Advisors Academy Personal Loans Reviews Earnin Personal Loans Review Make use of your paycheck for borrowing without having to resort to payday loans By Sarah Li Cain Updated May 04, 2022. Facts verified by Khara Scheppmann We suggest the top products by conducting uninvolved review processes, and advertisers don’t influence our recommendations. We may earn a commission if you decide to visit the partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info. Earnin logo Learn More Earnin is an app which lets users obtain an advance on part of their pay, though the company insists that these advances are NOT payday loans. Earnin does not have any fees or charges for interest However, you are able to help the company by donating what you consider reasonable. Earnin also has couple of other options not typically available from other traditional personal loan lenders. A review of our Earnin Personal loan review provides all the pertinent information you require to make an informed decision about whether to apply for one. Product Specifications Pros & Cons Fees APR Range N/A Loan Amounts Up to $500 per pay period (new users can start with the minimum of $100) The terms of your loan will be in effect until your next pay period Minimum Credit Score Recommendation None (but prerequisites include a normal pay calendar and more that 50 percent of your wages paid via direct deposit) Earnin logo Find Out More Table of Contents Pros Explained Cons & Cons Explained Different types of loans Time to Funding Features Apply Refinance Methodology Pros Explained No fees, including charges for origination, late or prepayment penalties – No fees are charged, as Earnin offers a pay what you like (tipping or the option of paying it forward is not required). In addition, there aren’t ways to repay your loan as Earnin automatically subtracts the amount you owe when your next payday. Offers features that aid in your financial future like overdraft prevention the Earnin service offers a feature known as Balance Shield Cash-Outs that will put $100 into your linked bank account (you’ll return the money from your next paycheck) in the event that it falls below that amount. Alternately, the Balance Shield Alerts feature sends push notifications if your bank balance is in danger of falling. Receives your funds in a matter of seconds. Earnin’s Lightning Speed feature lets borrowers (also known as community members) connect their debit card to the app so that loan cash can be deposited into their accounts in mere seconds. Pros and Cons of the Book The loan limit is low loan limit as compared to traditional personal loan lenders. The lender will start users in the $100 limit for each pay period. This is followed by the potential to go up to $500 when they show responsible use. Not all banks are eligible for Earnin’s Lightning Speed feature – Earnin declares that you may not be able access their Lighting Speed feature. But even when you’re eligible, some banks don’t offer an unreliable connection, and this could affect the time you get funds. Maximum loan amounts differ according to your financial health. Earnin analyzes your financial habits each pay period, meaning that the amount could go up or down depending on certain factors, like whether you make more money than the amount you earn and if your major bank account linked to the app. Personal Loans are of various types offered by Earnin There are two main types of loans Earnin offers: Cash out – This feature lets community members to borrow between $500 and $500 per pay period. Simply log into the app and select your desired amount, and Earnin will transfer it to your linked bank account. Balance Shield – – Borrowers may make automatic cash-outs or alerts when they’re in danger of overdrafting your bank account. Cash outs from Balance Shield are automatically activated when your account gets below $100 if this feature is activated. When you can receive funds Customers of Earnin can collect loan proceeds in only a few minutes if they link their debit cards at a participating bank to the application. If not, the funds should arrive in your bank account within two business days. Earning Personal Lending Features Select Which You Pay Earnin allows you to access the majority of its features for free. You can donate and help the business through a tipping amount that you prefer. Boost Your Maximum Loan Amount Earnin offers a “Boost” feature in which you are able to request another community member to raise the amount to the maximum loan amount. If you’re approved, it will grant you 50 percent increase in your loan, which expires with the subsequent pay-period. Negotiate Medical Bills “Earnin’s Health Aid feature lets community users upload photos of medical bills to review. Earnin will assist you to in negotiating the total balance and the payment plan options available. You can submit more than one invoice, and Earnin will make an update to you within two business days. Apply for an Earnin Personal Loan Here’s how to sign up to begin using Earnin. Download the application via Google Play or the App Store. Also, download the application by entering your phone number on the Earnin’s website. Verify details, such as your email address or the phone number that you signed into an account. Answer questions that are relevant, such as bank information, your employer’s location the pay period schedule as well as the hours you’re working during your pay period. The first time you link a bank account Earnin is able to allow you to use the app to finalize the account. It may take from 48 to 72 hours for verification of the details of your account. Can You Refinance Personal Loan using Earnin? It isn’t possible to refinance a personal loan using Earnin because you’ll have to pay all funds back in an upcoming pay period. Verdict In the end, Earnin is the ideal option for those who require small amounts of cash to cover unexpected expenses or who are a little behind on their expenses. It’s also a great fit when you’re looking you to take out a small-term loan to pay it back with your next paycheck to repay it without having to resort to costly payday loans. If you’re trying to pay for the costs of a big purchase and have good credit, you might want to look into alternatives, such as other conventional personal loan lenders. Some of these competitors could charge fees when you take out loans which is why you need to shop around, paying close attention to charges like the interest rate and origination fee. Methodology Investopedia is committed to providing its customers with objective complete and detailed reviews on personal loan lenders. We have gathered over 25 data points for more than 50 lenders–including interest rates, fees, loan amounts, and the terms of repayment to ensure that our content will help consumers make the right borrowing decision for their needs. Learn More Related Articles Personal Credit Title Loans are different from. Payday Loans What’s the Difference? Personal Credit Provider Rating Methodology Reviews Personal Ratio Methodology of Loan Providers Man looking over papers Personal Credit Payday Loans compare to. Personal Loans What’s the difference? Dave App FinTech How the Dave Budgeting App Works How do you calculate the Intrinsic Value of Preferred Stock Personal Loans Personal Loan Calculator Image Personal Lending When is a Personal Loan a A Good Idea?

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