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      <br>No have to crush your small children dreams at 9am on a Saturday just how I did. It is rather possible for them to understand and fly on their own. As my kids needed to be carried home, drone-less and sobbing, I could not assist but pray the evident crash getting caused minimal damage to surroundings and innocent bystanders. There is no chasing this and it was clear this tiny fan-powered machine was on a mission to reunite with Star Command or attain it’s lifelong objective of orbiting in outer space. I reassured them calmly that it could come back straight down, the drone will get tired, but it certainly didn’t keep coming back straight down. Year previous sons experienced a great time for the couple of days we had this My two and three. This thing flew directly in to the atmosphere faster than my three year old could say “mommy make it stop.” As it flew higher and better shrinking out of sight, the tears started to fall and my children had been devastated. The 8 moment battery life was put to the best test as it disappeared in to the clouds and soared to God only knows where. This drone is ideal for toddlers. I would recommend purchasing and using indoors only, as the directions obviously state. Sadly, mommy had the idea of taking it towards the park to “see how high it can go” until I threw it up with moderate force also it never came back down.<br>

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