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      1) Liquidate Your Assets
      2) Take on Odd Jobs
      3.) Find Your Loose Change
      4) Organise a Garage Sale
      5) Get Money From Your Retirement Accounts
      6.) 6. With Your Plasma
      7) Get Money from Friends or family
      The Bottom Line

      Wealth Lifestyle Advice

      7 Smart Ways to Raise Cash Quickly

      How do you get cash when time is of the essential
      Amy Bell Amy Bell
      Updated December 03, 2021
      Review by Khadija Khartit
      Fact verified by Yarilet Perez

      When you’re faced with an avalanche of medical bills, you recently lost your job or your house has been hit by a storm or another natural disaster, one thing is certain–you require cash and need it now. In the event that a financial emergency crashes into daily life, the vast most of us get caught completely unprepared.

      If you’re caught in this fix it’s not a problem that’s unique to. About six out of 10 American households experience more than one crisis a year and about one-third of American families do not have any savings whatsoever as per FEMA.1 And almost 40% of Americans would have trouble paying for unexpected emergency expenses like a $400 car repair in a report from the U.S. Federal Reserve.2

      If you need quick cash to cover an immediate cost, where should you turn? Here are seven methods to get money fast without causing irreparable harm to your financial situation.
      The most important takeaways

      Selling your personal possessions, such as clothes or electronics could help you get cash in the event of an emergency.
      Consider taking on an odd job, such as taking care of your dog, babysitting or even yard work, to make additional cash.
      It is possible to consider borrowing money or withdrawing it from your retirement account. In the majority of instances, this could result in having to pay taxes on the distribution as well as an additional 10 percentage penalty.3
      If you borrow money from relatives or friends it is best to draft an agreement detailing the terms of the loan.

      1) Liquidate Your Assets

      Do the corners of your jewelry cabinet contain your dad’s Rolex, the engagement ring of your mom, or a diamond pin you don’t often wear? Are there treasures hidden in your closet? Maybe a fanciest wedding gown or your grandmother’s grandma’s coat.

      One platform online that is willing to cash in on your clothes is thredUp. Within the Help Center click on “The Clean out Process” to find out how the selling process works.4 Also, you could try selling your clothing on eBay.

      It is also possible to earn cash quickly by selling off recent-model electronics including big-screen televisions smartphones, tablets laptops, gaming consoles, as well as media like CDs, DVDs books, games, and books for sale on websites such as Decluttr, Gazelle, and uSell and marketplaces like Swappa. Also, you could try posting them on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Twitter; run an ad in your local newspaper or peddle these pieces to your family and friends.

      The quality of the clothing, electronics, and media you’re willing sell depending on the quality of your merchandise, you can easily bring in hundreds or more of cash.
      2) Take on Odd Jobs

      If you don’t have any high-value items to unload Try selling your services rather, particularly if you are out of work and have some time on your hands. You can babysit and/or pet-sit for your friends or set up up a neighborhood dog-walking service. According to ZipRecruiter, the nationwide average hourly wage for babysitters is $17 per hour. Pet sitting pays an average of $14 per hour.56 Dog walkers typically earn about $15 an hour, according to PayScale.7

      If you’re not interested in dealing with dogs or kids, you might provide a mower and wash cars for the people in your neighborhood, or transport an elderly neighbor’s aunt to her doctors’ appointments. Or, if you enjoy driving, you could sign up to be driver for Lyft or Uber driver. According to Gridwise the riders will earn around $20k in 2021, based on where they live however, they can earn anywhere from $14.65 per hour in San Antonio, Texas, to $19.44 in California’s Bay Area.8

      You can also go grocery shopping for your busy family members or adults or offer to fix or paint the sister’s dilapidated fence. Depending on how many jobs you take on and how you’ll charge for each task you can earn a few hundred bucks within just one weekend. If you don’t have enough clients who require to be worked on, sign up for jobs through websites such as TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, or tasks that require skills like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.

      An emergency fund can provide an emergency fund to aid with unexpected costs, such as medical bills, or loss of a job, occur. Set aside funds whenever you are able to establish one.
      3.) Locate Your Loose Change

      At first glance at first, this suggestion may appear somewhat absurd, but it’s not an untruth. According to a report by Bloomberg, Americans throw away approximately $61.8 million worth of coins into the garbage each year.9 This is a significant amount of money stuffed in couch cushion cushions and piggy bank and old paint containers all over the country.

      Hunt around the house to discover all those coins hidden in the house. Once you dig up the last penny, bring the treasure to your local bank or credit union. Some banks will accept change for free for their customers, while other may require you to keep track of and roll your change by yourself.

      Either way, once you convert those coins to cash, you could be able to pay for your emergency expenditure.
      4.) Organize an Garage Sale

      One man’s trash can be another’s treasure According to the saying. While yard and garage sales take some effort but they can also bring in a decent chunk of change for some sellers. Be sure to promote your sale your sale on Craigslist, Facebook (if you have an existing local group) as well as your local newspaper (online and print), and church bulletins. You can also put up neon signs with black lettering in key locations to bring in the maximum amount of people possible.
      5) Take money from your Retirement Account

      If you’re looking for larger sums of money, the initial four steps may not suffice. That’s when it makes sense to review what you can do with your 401(k). In the majority of years when you’re under the age of 59 1/2, you’ll be subject to 10% of the penalty when you withdraw your 401(k) funds, however there are instances when it may pay to do this.3

      Additionally, there are some circumstances where the 10% penalty may be waived, such as when you have unreimbursed medical expenses that are greater than 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income.10 You can also take out a loan, instead of withdrawing the funds from your 401(k) which is a more sensible option if you are able to manage it.11

      If you don’t have a 401(k) however you have an IRA it could be a source for funds, especially if it’s a Roth IRA. If you have an traditional IRA you have options restricted however there are some instances where you can take out retirement money at little cost to you.3
      6) Take a Part With Your Plasma

      Now we’re getting to the more extreme options. Plasma is an extremely valuable source of energy used in a range of medical procedures and research. Giving plasma is like the process of giving blood, according to Octapharma Plasma Inc., which is a firm which collects plasma to develop life-saving drugs for patients worldwide.1213

      When your blood is drawn, it’s cycled through special equipment that separates plasma from the other parts of your blood. The plasma is then gathered in a container, and the other components are returned to your body via a process called plasmapheresis.

      Reports vary as to the amount you can earn, and it will depend on many variables. You can earn between $20 to $60 per donation. Based on Octapharma Plasma’s website Octapharma site for plasma “Generally that the heavier you are your body, the more plasma you can gather, and the longer it takes to donate it. The amount of money that new and returning donors receive is a reflection of this. “12
      7) Take money from friends or family

      We put this one off until the very last time because it must be used as a last option. While borrowing money from friends and relatives may be a quick fix but it could also have some adverse consequences. When a loved one lends you some cash, it can put a strain on your relationship–especially if you don’t pay the person back quickly.

      In a report in Psychology Today, unpaid loans can cause negative feelings between the lender and borrower.14 If you are planning on borrowing money, it’s probably best to draw up a contract stating when you’ll start to pay back the lender and if you will also pay interest on the money borrowed.
      The Bottom Line

      If you’re cash-strapped when a financial emergency strikes You’re not alone. The majority of Americans don’t have enough cash available to cover unexpected expenses. If you’re in this situation the worst option is to create credit card debt, or take out the payday loan, which will have exorbitant interest rates.

      It’s good to know that there are many smart methods to get money fast without destroying your budget. Whether you choose to sell some of your belongings or even take on odd jobs, or even borrow money from a parent or a friend One thing is certain: As soon as you’ve recovered from your financial calamity, it’s time to begin building an emergency reserve.
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