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      Table of Contents

      What Is Dissaving?
      Understanding Dissaving
      When the Government Decides to Dissave
      Reasons for Dissaving
      Real World Example of Dissaving

      Personal Finance Budgeting & Savings

      Dissaving Definition
      By Maya Dollarhide
      Updated September 19 2022
      Read by Ebony Howard
      Facts checked by Jared Ecker
      What Is Dissaving?

      Dissave is the act of spending money that is beyond the income available. This may be accomplished by using the savings account of a bank, making cash advances from credit cards, or borrowing against future income through an payday loan.
      Understanding Dissaving

      To state it concisely to put it simply, dissaving means living beyond the limits of one’s resources. Negative savings is a different term that refers to dissaving.
      The most important takeaways

      Dissaving is the reverse of saving.
      It means to spend above one’s income by dipping into savings, purchasing on credit or borrowing funds.
      Dissavers can be found in government also.

      If this practice is not regulated the practice could continue to spiral in an upward spiral until individual’s savings and credit is exhausted.

      It should be noted that not every dissaving situation has an negative connotation. For example, a retired person who has saved for many years of working could have a comfortable life while dissipating. The person is on a fixed income but spends more every month, dipping into savings to cover the difference. This might be called planned dissaving.
      When Governments Dissave

      Dissaving can be observed on an individual or a macroeconomic level. When dissaving occurs on the macroeconomic level, it suggests that an entire populace or the government is using every dollar available but isn’t saving or investing, and is borrowing to stay the ship afloat. Eventually, even the installment debts are no longer manageable.

      Dissaving may reach an extreme point after natural disasters like the occurrence of a hurricane, earthquake or wildfire. Other reasons could include conflicts, political instability or civil disturbances, and hyperinflation. Without funds to fall back upon the people or their governments resort to borrowing to provide the necessities of life.
      Reasons for Dissaving

      The habit of saving can be caused by poor judgment or an unavoidable response to an emergency. In the event of unemployment, illness that is unexpected, and accidents are all situations beyond an individual’s control , which can drain savings and cause an emergency cash shortage.

      A habit of dissaving may begin with a sequence of purchases made using credit cards. In time, this could lead to a large credit card balance and an income that is compromised by regular payments at the highest rate of interest. Regular savings decrease or cease when a person is juggling debt payments. An unexpected event can now cause financial trouble for the person.
      Real World Example of Dissaving

      The United States endured a government shutdown that lasted more than a month from the end of December 2018 to January 2019. A lot of federal employees and contractors were forced to work without pay or forced to take unpaid time off. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) estimated that about 340,000 federal employees were furloughed, while another 460,000 were forced to work even though they were not paid until federal funding resumed.1 With no regular paychecks most of them were forced to disinvest their savings to live and meet their financial obligations for the month.
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      Article Sources
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