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      For example, ‘A’ would be equal to 1, ‘B’ would be equal to 2 and so on. This system can be applied just like Hebrew or Greek gematria but produces different results due to its unique numbering system. However, the most common use of gematria is to obtain a more spiritual understanding of a religious text. The exact meaning drawn from gematria depends on a person’s individual beliefs. An ancient version of gematria was a fully developed mathematical system that used words to reveal sums that they intended future readers to discover. Your destiny number is determined by decreasing each name to a single digit to get to the root number of your entire name (first, middle, and last), adding the results, and then decreasing the total to a single digit. The use of numerals in the Bible for purposes other than their literal numerical value is known as biblical numerology. Biblical numerological values frequently refer to a broader usage in the Ancient Near East. If you have any kind of concerns concerning where and ways to use gematria code, tasanipasi1954.blogspot.com,, you can call us at our own site. Biblical writers infrequently consciously used numerical patterns or codes in their compositions. As you mention, Matthew himself structured his genealogy around a repeating pattern of 14 generations. Gematria—playing with the numerical value of words in Hebrew or Greek—is, however, distracting at best.

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