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      Second Chance Accounts for Checking across the U.S.

      Advertiser disclosure You’re our first priority. Each time. We believe that everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. While our website doesn’t include every financial or company product that is available, we’re proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide as well as the tools we design are impartial, independent, straightforward — and cost-free. How do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This could influence which products we write about (and the places they are featured on our site), but it in no way affects our suggestions or recommendations that are based on many hours of study. Our partners cannot be paid to ensure positive ratings of their goods or services. .

      Second Chance Checking Accounts Across the U.S.
      Second chance checking is a possibility when you’ve been refused an account because of a bad banking history. Accounts are available across every state.
      Written by Spencer Tierney Senior Writer | Certificates of Deposit, ethical banking, banking deposits Spencer Tierney is a consumer banking writer for NerdWallet. He has written about the personal financial sector since with a focus on certificate of deposit and other banking-related topics. The work he has written for him was highlighted in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times, among others. He is based in Berkeley, California.

      and Chanelle Bessette, Lead Writer/Spokesperson Banking, checking and cash Management Accounts Chanelle Bessette is a personal finance journalist at NerdWallet covering banking. She previously worked at Fortune, Forbes and the Reno Gazette-Journal. She also serves as an ambassador for the banking team. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Vox and Apartment Therapy.

      Mar 3, 2022

      Written by Carolyn Kimball Assigning Editor – Banking | Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News Carolyn has been employed in newsrooms across the across the country as a reporter as well as an editor. Her passions include personal finance, sci-fi fiction novels and absurd Broadway musicals.

      The majority or all of the products featured here are from our partners, who pay us. This influences which products we write about as well as the place and way the product appears on a page. However, it does not influence our opinions. Our opinions are our own. Here’s a list of and .

      If you’ve been refused a checking account because of past financial issues, for instance, a closed account because of unpaid overdraft charges A second chance check might give you a second chance to get a bank account.
      >> Ready to compare accounts? Go ahead and click
      What is second chance check?
      Serious banking issues can put you on a list held by the consumer report agency ChexSystems. Banks will review it and other sources prior to approval of new accounts and having a shaky banking history from bounced checks, unpaid fees or account closures make it less likely you’ll be granted approval.
      Some credit unions and banks offer “second chances” checking accounts to people who are in this type of circumstance. These accounts are able to help rebuild their banking histories, but they don’t have all the services that come standard checking accounts.
      What are the advantages and disadvantages of second chance check-ins?
      Checking accounts with second chance generally include monthly charges that cannot be waived. They also usually have higher obligations than regular checking accounts, like making direct deposit arrangements or completing a financial management course. You typically can’t enroll in an overdraft program, since the point of an account with a second chance is to demonstrate that you’re able to stay away from overdrawing.
      The checking accounts are a great way to improve banking history however they aren’t able to rebuild credit. To do that, you should consider an secured credit card.
      Despite their limitations Second chance checking accounts typically outperform alternatives, like pre-paid debit cards or check-cashing services. They can be accompanied by high transactions and fees for balances as well as convenient features like online banking.
      If you can stay clear of negative balances or fees, many second chance checking accounts let you change to a regular checking account in six months to one year.
      >> Want to explore an alternative option? Look through our review of
      Making a second attempt at a checking your account
      The most successful second chance accounts have:
      Monthly fees that are low or zero.
      No minimum balance requirements.
      Services such as debit card access, online bill pay and limitless check-writing privileges- for no cost.
      Few limits, such as either monthly or daily maximum transaction amounts.

      There aren’t all second chance checking accounts have these features. Some charge monthly fees that can reach $20 and do not issue checks or debit cards to account holders. Check the fees and requirements prior to applying.
      National second chance bank
      A few banks and financial firms that are backed by banks allow second chance checks across the country:
      (account name: Spending Account, available online)
      (account name: GoBank account name: GoBank. It is available on the internet and at Walmart stores).
      (account name: Essential Checking, available online).
      (account name: Bank Account, available online)
      (account name: Clear Access Banking, that is available in 39 states as well as Washington, D.C.).

      The majority of major banks do not offer second chance checking, however some community banks and credit unions have them under various titles like Opportunity Checking and Fresh Start Checking.
      If you aren’t able to find one on the list below check if your neighborhood is part of the Bank On program. It’s an initiative that which a lot of communities have joined and allows local and city government banks work together to assist people who want to return to the banking system. Another option is a prepaid debit card with strong services and very low fees.
      Compare second chance checking accounts
      NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formulas consider multiple data points for every financial product or service.

      Monthly cost : $8.95 (unless waived).
      Fee for overdraft The amount is not a problem.
      Special feature : Up to 2 day early direct transfer.

      The ratings of NerdWallet are formulated by our editorial team. The scoring formulas take into account many data points for each financial service and product.

      at Varo Bank, Member FDIC

      Monthly fee : None.
      Fee for overdraft No fee for overdrafts.
      Special offer: 55,000 Free ATMs.

      NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formulas take into account many data points for every financial service and product.

      LendingClub Essential Checking
      Monthly fee : $9.
      Overdraft fees : $5.
      Special feature : You can upgrade to Rewards Checking once a year.

      State- and regional-based second chance checking accounts
      Some regional banks and credit unions have second-chance account options. However, the customers are required to reside in specific states or fulfill certain other requirements for membership. Here’s a list of several such institutions.
      Regional bank and credit union accounts

      American Airlines Credit Union : Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union : Bank of the Ozarks : BOK Financial : Centennial Bank : City National Bank : Corporate America Family Credit Union : Fifth Third Bank : First Financial Bank : Hope Credit Union : OneUnited Bank : Republic Bank : Simmons Bank : Staley Credit Union : Unify Financial Credit Union : Webster Bank : Woodforest National Bank :

      Are you looking for (or need) an account with an institution that is a part of the state? Find options by clicking below.

      Avadian Credit Union : Azalea City Credit Union : Community Bank & Trust : Family Security Credit Union : First National Bank : Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union : United Bank :


      True North Federal Credit Union :


      Alhambra Credit Union : Banner Federal Credit Union : Copper State Credit Union : MariSol Federal Credit Union : Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union :


      Diamond Bank : Red River Credit Union : River Valley Community Federal Credit Union :


      Befit Financial Federal Credit Union : Excite Credit Union : Foothill Credit Union : Los Angeles Federal Credit Union : North County Credit Union : Premier America Credit Union : Priority One Credit Union : Self-Help Federal Credit Union : Strata Credit Union :


      Liberty Savings Bank : NuVista Federal Credit Union :


      Eastern Savings Bank : Finex Credit Union : Hartford Federal Credit Union : Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union :


      There are no accounts at state-owned financial institutions. Find regional and national options.

      District of Columbia

      There are no accounts in financial institutions based here. Find regional and national options.


      Axiom Bank : Central Credit Union of Florida : Community First Credit Union : Compass Financial Federal Credit Union : First American Bank : First Florida Credit Union : Gold Coast Federal Credit Union : Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union : JetStream Federal Credit Union : Liberty Savings Bank : McCoy Federal Credit Union : Members First Credit Union of Florida : Okaloosa County Teachers Federal Credit Union : Priority Credit Union : San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union : South Florida Federal Credit Union : United Bank :


      Community Bank & Trust : Excel Federal Credit Union : Georgia’s Own Credit Union : Health Center Credit Union : Members United Credit Union : Peach State Federal Credit Union :


      There are no accounts at state-owned financial institutions. Look for national and regional alternatives.


      Latah Credit Union :


      Catholic & Community Credit Union : First American Bank : First National Bank and Trust Company : Marquette Bank : Prairieland Federal Credit Union :


      Centra Credit Union : Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union : Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union : Heritage Federal Credit Union : Horizon Bank : Park Community Credit Union : Regional Federal Credit Union :


      Collins Community Credit Union : Federation Bank : Greater Iowa Credit Union : North Iowa Community Credit Union :


      Central National Bank : United Consumers Credit Union :


      The Cecilian Bank : Central Bank : Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union : First United Bank and Trust Company : FNB Bank : Heritage Federal Credit Union : Home Federal Bank : Park Community Credit Union :


      Pelican State Credit Union : Southwest Louisiana Credit Union :


      Five County Credit Union :


      Central Credit Union of Maryland : Clear Mountain Bank : Market USA Federal Credit Union : Security Plus Federal Credit Union :


      Alden Credit Union : Athol Credit Union :


      Credit Union One : Horizon Bank : Marshall Community Credit Union members First Credit Union : Michigan State University Federal Credit Union :


      Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union :


      Citizens National Bank : Gulf Coast Community Credit Union : Magnolia Federal Credit Union : MUNA Federal Credit Union :


      Columbia Credit Union : Electro Savings Credit Union : First State Community Bank : Health Care Family Credit Union : Montgomery Bank : St. Louis Community Credit Union : Town & Country Bank : United Consumers Credit Union : United Credit Union : Wood & Huston Bank :


      Clearwater Credit Union : Valley Credit Union :


      Central National Bank :


      Clark County Credit Union : WestStar Credit Union :

      New Hampshire

      No accounts found at state-based financial institutions. Find national options.

      New Jersey

      Credit Union of New Jersey : Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union : United Teletech Financial Federal Credit Union :

      New Mexico

      Bank of Albuquerque : Lea County State Bank :

      New York

      Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union : Alternatives Federal Credit Union : Centra Credit Union : Financial Trust Federal Credit Union : Fulton Savings Bank : Genesee Valley Federal Credit Union :

      North Carolina

      Charlotte Metro Credit Union : Excite Credit Union :

      North Dakota

      None of the accounts are found in state-run financial institutions. Look for options that are national.


      Buckeye State Credit Union : Eaton Family Credit Union, Inc. : Hopewell Federal Credit Union : Kemba Federal Credit Union : Members Trust Federal Credit Union : Superior Credit Union :


      Allegiance Credit Union : Bank of Oklahoma : Citizens Bank of Edmond : Oklahoma Educators Credit Union : TTCU Federal Credit Union Weokie (Credit Union) : Western Sun Federal Credit Union :


      Point West Credit Union :


      Utilities Employees Credit Union : West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union :

      Rhode Island

      None of the accounts are found in state-owned financial institutions. Look for national and regional options.

      South Carolina

      Caro Smart Financial Solutions : Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union : HopeSouth Credit Union : Market USA Federal Credit Union : Peach State Federal Credit Union: Vital Federal Credit Union :

      South Dakota

      There are no accounts at state-owned financial institutions. Find national options.


      First National Bank : Greater Eastern Credit Union : Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union : Home Federal Bank : Select Seven Credit Union :


      4U Credit Union : Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union : AFFCU : Allied Federal Credit Union : Associated Credit Union of Texas : Bank of Texas : Baptist Credit Union : Chocolate Bayou Credit Union : Diamond Bank : First Service Credit Union : Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union : Kelly Community Federal Credit Union : MemberSource Credit Union : Members Trust Federal Credit Union : Memorial Credit Union : Neighborhood Credit Union : North East Texas Credit Union : Peoples Bank : Premier America Credit Union : Prestige Community Credit Union : Red River Credit Union : Rio Bank : Select Federal Credit Union : Southside Bank : Tarrant County’s Credit Union : United Heritage Credit Union : Unity One Credit Union :


      American United Federal Credit Union : Cyprus Credit Union :


      There are no accounts at state-owned financial institutions. Check for national options.


      Central Virginia Federal Credit Union : Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union : Member One Federal Credit Union :


      MountainCrest Credit Union :

      West Virginia

      Clear Mountain Bank : West Virginia Federal Credit Union :


      Brewery Credit Union : Dane County Credit Union : First National Bank and Trust Company : Tomahawk Community Bank :


      WyHy Federal Credit Union : WYO Central Federal Credit Union : Valley Credit Union :

      Did we take your financial institution off this list? Please .

      About the authors: Spencer Tierney is an expert in the field of certificates of deposit at NerdWallet. He has had his work highlighted on USA Today and the Los Angeles Times.

      Chanelle Bessette works as a financial writer at NerdWallet writing about banking. She is a specialist in checking and cash management accounts.

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