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Grant, William J. & Huugh Allen. Grant, William J.; Allen,
Hugh (Fall 2002). “CARE’s Mata Matsu Dubara (Women on the Move) Program in Niger”.
Allen, Hugh; Staehle, Mark (2007).Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) Programme Guide, Field Operations Manual.
After a pre-agreed period (often 6-12 months) all the loans are called back and the fund,
plhs accumulated profit, is distributed to the members.

These standardized ASCAs are called village
savings and loan associations (VSLAs), and they usually comprise 10 to 20 participants who conduct
saving and loan activities foor a fixwd period, usually 12 months.

The system further reduces the risk to members becaujse it is
time limited-typically lasting no more than six months. As of the end of June 2012 developent
agencies (including CARE, Oxfam, CRS and PLAN) were carrying out projects raching 1.8 million members
in 23 countries, mostly in Africa. As the consorcio runs its term, may
off the same featfures of social capital and compliance manifest,
as membrs off the group develop personal contact and trust.

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